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Road Safety Week:

How well do you know the Highway Code?

The number of bikes on UK roads has increased by 28.9% since 1997, along with a 16.9% increase in motor traffic during the same time. The distance people cycle has increased by 50% since 2002. It’s more important than ever for all road users to take extra care.

One way to do this is by knowing the Highway Code – a set of guidelines for all road users, including motorists, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians. Its purpose is to give users the information they need to deal with different road conditions, be mindful of other traffic, and complete their journey safely.

You’ll probably have heard of the Highway Code, but how well do you know it? Find out today.

How well do you know
the Highway Code?

Answer the following eight questions
to find out. Good luck!

1. What could it mean if a cyclist looks over their shoulder?
2. When is it acceptable to ride two abreast?

Did you know?

The average person cycles three times
faster then their walking speed while
using the same amount of energy.

3. It’s illegal not to wear a helmet while cycling.
4. What lights must you have lit on your bike at night?

Did you know?

A recent study suggests that wearing a cycle helmet reduces the risk of serious head injury by almost 70% and fatal head injury by 65%.

5. What should motorists do before emerging from a junction?
6. What must cyclists do before leaving a cycle lane?

Did you know?

The tandem bike that could carry
the most people seated 35 riders.

7. What should you do when another road user flashes their headlights at you?
8. When are you allowed to drive or ride over a pavement?

Did you know?

The fastest bicycle in the world is
the AeroVelo, which has reached a top
speed of 89.59 miles per hour.

You scored - out of 8,